Sponsor Tibetans in Exile

The Tibetan Sponsorship Scheme was established in 1988 to help support exiled monks at Sera Monastery in Bylakuppe, India. At that time the monks were escaping repression in Tibet, and to a lesser degree, this continues today.  The scheme also supports their relatives who live nearby in camps near the monastery.  Today the scheme sponsors over 920 Monks, Nunslay Tibetans in India, and 99 students at Gyalten Charity School63 Nuns in Nyagye and 79 in Hadu Nunneries in Tibet.




  • Sponsor Monks, Nuns or Lay Tibetans in India and two Nunneries and a School in Tibet for Aus$10 per month.  Distributions are sent to India and Tibet in July and January each year.  We need to receive A$60 by 1st of June and December to allow time for processing.  You can deposit A$10.00 a month, or any amount at any time as long as we have A$60 by 1st of June and December.   You can be as far ahead with your donations as you like.
  • Special Purpose Donation SPD: If you want to you can send extra money to your sponsee/s in India,  which goes directly to them and not shared.


  • Monks at Sera Je Monastic University: Sponsorship donations are usually divided between all the Monks living in their individual houses and is used by the House Manager for the general use of all Monks living in that particular house as needed.
  • Nuns at Jungchub Choeling Nunnery: Sponsorship donations go directly to the Nun being sponsored.
  • Lay Tibetans in India: Sponsorship donations are received by the recipient directly or in the case of child donation, to the child’s parents or care-giver, for the child’s  upkeep.


  • School children at Gyalten School: Sponsorship donations are received by the Headmaster, Gyalten Rinpoche, and used for whatever purpose he deems as most urgent.
  • Nyagye Nunnery: Sponsorship donations are received by Luorong Badeng, Founder, and used for all Nuns in the Nunnery.
  • Hadu Nunnery: Sponsorship donations are received by Hadu Rinpoche, Founder and used for all Nuns in the Nunnery.


  • By donating a one-off amount to the Sponsorship Scheme, the dividends produced from the Perpetual Investment Fund, ensures that a Tibetan will be sponsored in perpetuity.
    Option 1.  A donation of $3,000.00
    Option 2.  A donation of $300.00 or more will be joined with other sponsors to reach the target of $3,000.00


  • Pledge: $30 a month or any amounts of $30 to reach $360 per year.
  • Full amount: of $10,000.00 is needed to support a candidate of the scholarship for 24 years of intense training.
  • Donations to the Lharam Geshe Scholarship Fund are always gratefully accepted


  • Donations for the running of the scheme. This is an important donation as the pledged amount of sponsorship is Aus $10 a month, which doesn’t allow any funds for the running of the scheme, especially bank fees to transfer funds. All personnel are volunteers and do not receive any stipend of any kind, therefore sponsees receive the entire A$10.00 less bank fees.

Tibetan Sponsorship Scheme which was established in April 2005 by Kyabje Khensur Kangurwa Lobsang Thubten Rinpoche, in order to fulfill the wishes of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Sponsors can correspond to those recipients in India, but often needs to go through a translator. The Tibet situation is much more difficult, and it depends on local political stability or restrictions in Tibet. Also many cannot speak or write English.

The scheme has sponsors from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Sweden and USA.

Tibetan Sponsorship Newsletter 2017

“I am happy to learn that the Tibetan Sponsorship Schemes which has been founded by Kyabje Khensur Kangur Lobsang Thupten Rinpoche since 1989 has been engaged in supporting monk as well as lay students amongst our Tibetan communities in India. And since 2000, after Khensur Rinpoche made a visit to Tibet, the Gyalten Charity School has been set up and over 300 hundred students are being sponsored. Today their sponsorship for Tibetans both in exile and inside Tibet number over 1300 students.”
“I want to commend the wonderful work the Tibetan Sponsorship Schemes is doing and wish it continued success.”  HIS HOLINESS 14TH DALAI LAMA (signed letter)

“Some people need so little, but they need so little so much”

In 1959, because of the oppressive Communist occupation of Tibet, the late Kyabje Kangurwa Khensur Lobsang Thubten  Rinpoche (1925-2014) followed the exiled spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, HH Dalai Lama, into India.  Over 6,000 monasteries in Tibet were  destroyed, including Sera Monastery, one of the most famous and largest in Tibet at that time. Many thousands of monks and nuns were imprisoned, suffering torture. As the cultural genocide of Tibetans continues, some still manage to escape, and live in camps close to Sera Monastery. This scheme provides food, clothing and medical assistance directly to Lay Tibetans in exile and some food, smaller items like tea, milk, flour, robes etc and some medical assistance to the monks and nuns.
The Schemes Founder, Kyabje Kangur Khensur Lobsang Thubten Rinpoche was a former Abbott of Sera Monastery.   The Lharam Geshe Scholarships Fund was his dying wish and this was established by his Attendant of some 35 years Nawang Thubten (Tenzin) in 2014 to fulfill this wish.  This fund supports the educational needs for selected monks entering the Geshe programme helping ensure Tibetan Buddhism survives.

A Story of Hope…
A young man was walking along the beach at dawn. Ahead of him he saw an old man picking up starfish and tossing them into the water.
At last the young man caught up with the old man and asked him, “Why are you doing that?” The old man explained that when the sun came up, the starfish abandoned on the beach would die.
“But the beach goes on for hundreds of miles and there are thousands of starfish on the beach. How can your efforts make any difference?”.
The old man looked at the little starfish in his hand as he tossed it into the waves, he replied:

Tibetan Sponsorship Scheme
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