How to Sponsor

The Tibetan Sponsorship scheme supports monks, nunslay Tibetans exiled in India, Nuns at Hadu and Nyagye Nunneries and students at Gyalten Charity School in Tibet. They are referred to as sponsees.

To Sponsor in India
1. Having chosen a sponsee/s and copied their PINs and Names, paste the details in the form below in Your Sponsorship Details box. Follow step 2 and 3.  Click send.

To Sponsor in Tibet
1. Simply write Nyagye or Hadu Nunnery in the form below and enter your name and contact details.  Your donation supports every Nun in the nunneries so you are actually sponsoring every Nun in the nunnery that you have chosen.
2.  Enter you name and contact details. This is then sent to Tibetan Sponsorship Scheme, Adelaide, SA, Australia.
3. Go to Payment Options for money transfer details.

Distributions are sent to India and Tibet once every 6 months to cover January-June and July-December.  Receipts are sent in July and January.


Perpetual Sponsorship

By donating a one-off amount to the Sponsorship Scheme, the dividends produced from the Perpetual Investment Fund, ensures that a Tibetan will be sponsored in perpetuity.

Option 1.  A donation of $3,000.00
Option 2.  A donation of $300.00 or more will be joined with other sponsors to reach the target of $3,000.00


To make a general donation

1. Go to Payment Options for money transfer details and make your donation.
2. General donations are used for the schemes expenses.
3. Email us with your details, so we can send you a receipt.

Questions? Send us an email

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    You will be allocated a sponsor ID (SID) and receive an email confirming your sponsorship within a few days.

    Go to Donation Payment Options for money transfer details.