Payment Options

Sponsorship Payment methods
(Instructions on how to sponsor click here)

Sponsor Monks, Nuns or Lay Tibetans in India and Nuns and School students in Tibet for AUD$10 per month.  Distributions are sent to India and Tibet in July and January each year.
We need to receive AUD$60 by 1st of June and December to allow time for processing. You can deposit AUD$10.00 a month, or any amount at any time as long as we have AUD$60 by 1st of June and December.
You can be as far ahead with your donations as you like.
Recipients receive the entire amount less bank fees. No other costs are taken from your Aus$10 a month. We rely on donations to Running Costs for this.
Account Name: Tibetan Sponsorship Schemes
Bank: BankSA
BSB: 105-032

Account No: 147865240

(email us to confirm your sponsorship click here) 
PayPal Sponsorship options  
(Paypal charge a fee of 2.6%. Could you please add this to your payment)
Sponsor a Monk/Nun/Student/Lay Tibetan = Yearly,  Six Monthly or Monthly
Sponsor a Geshe Scholarship = Yearly Six Monthly  or  Monthly
One off Donations – any amount
Label the payment General Donation or Emergency Medical Fund
Cheque, Money Order or Bank Cheque
Please make payable to:
Tibetan Sponsorship Scheme
PO Box 1115
Flinders Park SA 5025 Australia