Nuns Sponsorship

The benefits of sponsoring are for both the sponsor and the recipient. For the nun, it is for a better quality of life and to improve her physical well being. For you, the benefit is to help another human being, who through no fault of their own, find themselves dependent on another.

HOW TO SPONSOR NUNSAus$10.00 a month  

Nuns in India
1. Choose recipient(s) or we can allocate someone for you.
2. Copy the Name and PIN of the Nun you would like to sponsor.
3. Click the Sponsor Now button and paste the Sponsorship Details in the form.
4. Go to Payment Options for money transfer details.
5. To make a once off donation click the Donate Now button below.



Nyagye Nunnery  is a small nunnery with less than fifty Nuns and Hadu Nunnery (close to Nyagye but further up a very mountain), has around 30 Nuns. Sponsorship is sent to the Head Nun of each Nunnery, and shared amongst all the nuns in the nunneries. As such, sponsorship is not for an individual nun, therefore to help these Nuns you can click the Sponsor Now button above and enter your name and contact details and know that you are actually sponsoring every Nun in the nunnery, in Tibet, you choose. Please put Nyagye or Hadu Nunnery in the form so that we can allocate your sponsorship accurately.