Monks Sponsorship

The benefits of sponsoring are for sponsor and recipient. For the monk, it is  for a better quality of life and to improve his physical wellbeing. For you, the benefit is to simply help another, who through no fault of their own, finds themselves dependent on another for quality of life. 

The pictures below are a selection of the monks needing help.

How to Sponsor:
1. You can sponsor one or more individuals. You can also select the individual below or we can allocate your sponsorship automatically.
2. If you want to select recipient(s) below then copy the name and pin and send via the sponsorship form.
3. Click on sponsor and choose your preferred method of payment.
4. You will receive an email and photo of the person(s) you have chosen to sponsor within a few days confirming your sponsorship.
5. To make a once off donation click the donate now button below.

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