Teaching and Daily Management

To run a good school to allow the students to learn well, having good teachers is very important. The teachers that the school hired must be dedicated to their job, to be responsible, to be willing to give all they have, to love the students, to love the school, and to love their chosen profession.

To run a good school, good educational management is also important. To push the school into the proper path, we ask for quality and efficiency from the management, to create a good system of rules and regulations, to encourage the “School’s rules and regulations” and “Teachers duties handbook” that the school has worked out. The principal, disciplinary master, master of the classes, teachers of different subjects are also to carry out their responsibilities.

The purpose of founding the school is to develop the education among Tibetans, to cultivate a idealistic, moralistic, cultural and disciplined generation. Teaching is the focus of any school. During teaching, the school has improved on classroom management and daily management, improve teaching quality to emphasize on quality education. The school is also actively seeking to open a second classroom, to inspire the students’ intelligence, to develop teaching and research activities, to mutually teach and learn, to improve the teachers’ teaching abilities, to have a complete curriculum, to have enough teaching time. In winter, there are seven class periods daily, and in summer, nine daily. The focus of the guidance and monitoring is to seriously prepare the teaching materials, seriously to teach, seriously correct students’ work, seriously assist the students.

In accordance with today’s society’s needs of quality manpower, to open up career training courses will be the way to train and cultivate qualified and skilled workers to solve the poverty problems and to move society into prosperity.

Besides emphasizing teaching, the school has also formed a Tibetan dance club, a lion dance team, a Tibetan opera club, to enrich the cultural life of the mountainous area.

The school also put together regular parent-teacher meetings every term; there have been five altogether. During the meeting, Gyalten Rinpoche explains the importance and necessity of learning new information, in order to motivate parents to send their children to school.

In short, during the three years ever the school was founded in 1994, under the careful planning and guidance of Gyalten Rinpoche, with the commitment of all the teachers and the great support of the many parents, the school has undergone significant development and teaching results, winning compliments and recognition from visiting government leaders and the local community. Up to now the school has received 78 thank-you letters and eulogies from the upper level and career training students and the students’ parents. They thanked Gyalten Rinpoche for starting the education system in the poor mountainous area, to satisfy the children’s needs and wishes and to give them a second life by creating a good learning environment. They also appreciated very much the unselfish giving of Gyalten Rinpoche.