Geshe Sponsorship


Become a part of the Tibetan Sponsorship Scheme Lharam Geshe scholarship which sponsors a monk for 24 years study on their path to achieve the Lharam Geshe Degree.

  1. Aus$30.00 a month will support a monk in the daily needs whilst studying for their Geshe degree for 24 years.
  2. You may like to leave a bequest for the amount of Aus $10,000.00 in your will to support a monk whilst studying for their Geshe Degree.
  3. A one-off donation of A$10,000.00.  A monk can be supported for the entire 24 years study to become a Geshe can be supported during his studies.
  4.  Having achieved the Lharampa Geshe Degree, the scholarship is then transferred to another promising student.


How to Sponsor:
1. Click on the Sponsor Now button and choose your preferred method of payment.
2. You will receive an email within a few days confirming your Lharam Geshe sponsorship.
3. To make a once off donation click the Donate Now button below.