Geshe Sponsorship


When a monk enters into the Lharam Geshe Degree Program, it takes 24 years of study to complete.  Our Scholarship Program supports these dedicated monks for the last 14 years of study, plus one year at a Tantric College. Having achieved this uncommon level of study they either remain at Sera Monastery to teach the upcoming monks, choose to enter into retreat or teach in the surrounding communities elsewhere in India.  Others travel overseas and teach at Buddhist Centres around the world.

  1. Aus$30.00 a month will support a monk for 14 years in their daily needs whilst studying for their Geshe Degree.
  2. You may like to leave a bequest for the amount of Au$10,000.00 or more in your will to support a monk whilst they are studying for their Geshe Degree.
  3. Donating $10,000.00 is another way of supporting this program.  This amount will be invested into an interest bearing deposit account, and the interest earned will support a Geshe in his studies for 14 years or more. 
  4. Having achieved the Lharampa Geshe Degree, the scholarship is then transferred to another promising student.

How to Sponsor:
1. Click on the Sponsor Now button and choose your preferred method of payment.
2. You will receive an email within a few days confirming your Lharam Geshe sponsorship.
3. To make a once off donation click the Donate Now button below.