Lharam Geshe

Lharam Geshe Study Scholarship

The establishment of the Lharam Geshe Study sponsorship was the dying wish of Kyabje Rinpoche (now known as “One of the Great Lamas of Sera Je Monastic University” ).

In order to achieve Kyabje Rinpoche’s dying wish, we have established a Scholarship Fund for Lharam Geshes providing for their needs whilst studying. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to participate in Rinpoche’s wish and be of immense benefit to future Geshes and therefore of vast benefit to the worldwide Buddhist community and the longevity of the Buddhadharma.

It is imperative to keep educating Lharam Geshes, as they provide in-depth teachings of the Buddhadharma in the purest form. Geshes ensure that teachings will not degenerate and by their living example teach wisdom, compassion, patience, ethics, tolerance and therefore follow the example of Kyabje Rinpoche.

Scholarships: The monks with the most potential to achieve the goal of Lharam Geshe will be selected to receive scholarships. These fortunate ones will receive a letter which will include an explanation of Kyabje Rinpoche’s wish and his desire to help them achieve the Lharampa Geshe degree. The recipients of the scholarship are selected by senior Lharam Geshes, who are students of Rinpoche, reside and teach at Sera Jey Monastery.

What is a Lharam Geshe?

The scholastic title of Geshe is awarded to pupils who successfully complete the entire course (the Geshe Study Program of Philosophy at Sera Jey Monastery). From the Geshe graduating pool, a very few merited pupils are selected for contending the title of Lharam Geshe, which involves 6 years of further study.

Lharam Geshe, the highest scholastic title of Tibetan Gelug Buddhist tradition equivalent to Ph.D., are awarded to scholar monks who have successfully completed the entire monastic curriculum and six years of Gelug Monastic University’s examination in Buddhist philosophy.

Lharam Geshe Graduation Ceremony for the year 2016