The Purpose of Founding the School

Ganzi County is located in the northwest side of Sichuan Province, and is considered by Sichuan Province as a very poor county that needs to be heavily subsidized. Its population consists of old and young generation, minority, and very poor families. Due to poverty, a majority of the agricultural and husbandry families cannot afford to send the kids to school or pay for their education, or to even think about the children’s future. Though some children were sent to schools, most never realize the advantages of education or knowing why they are so poor. They do not understand the importance and necessity of learning. Most are worried about their immediate needs and never plan for the future. Many school age children stay home to do housework, to herd cows and horses, taking care of their younger siblings and looking after the house. Thus most children never have a chance to attend school, and for the few who do, many drop out due to poverty.

To ensure that these children can receive an education, and to gradually eliminate the illiteracy of the homeland, to develop Tibetan education, to cultivate an educated next generation, to benefit the future generations, the responsibilities faced are enormous. This free-of-charge school was therefore founded in our poor mountainous area.

To establish an education institute is not an easy task: there needs to be sufficient funding and steady income, and good quality teachers. To satisfy these conditions, one cannot rely on mere waiting or rely on others. Time will not wait, the children’s hope are to receive the necessary education to become useful to society, they will not like to become the illiterate of the next generation. To educate children is everyone’s responsibility. If we do not care for them, do not emphasize or work hard to create a good environment and learning opportunity for them, it is not right. Everyone wants to lead a meaningful life and not wastes their time, and the way to do so is to do good deeds for the mankind, then one life will be considered worthwhile and meaningful. To help the poor people in the mountainous area out of poverty and to become wealthier, to ensure the happiness of the future generation, we are willing to overcome difficulties, live frugally to save up enough capital to run a good school that everyone likes and is happy about.