Tibetan Sponsorship Schemes is run entirely by volunteers. This allows the entire Aus$10 a month contribution to be sent to India and Tibet.

The schemes Administrator, Nawang Thubten (Tenzin) oversees the Tibet and Indian side of the sponsorship scheme. Tenzin makes the final decisions on any matters to do with the scheme, and is responsible for ensuring that the distributions are received in Tibet and India. As a Tibetan, he does any communicating that is needed in both countries.

The schemes coordinator in Adelaide is Carole Armstrong. She carries out all the day to day work, including communicating with new and relinquishing sponsors, managing the financial side of the scheme, writing the newsletter, sending out receipts twice a year and liaising with Sera Je Monastery regarding sponsees.

Technical assistance is also provided by Anthony Sweeney, who has developed the database used to manage the scheme’s financial records; all sponsors and sponsees details; developed an automated banking, cash and paypal system; twice yearly receipts database and also manages the website.