What You Will Receive

Upon taking up the responsibility of sponsorship, you will receive:

  • A pic of your the monk, nun or child with their name, house number and PIN.
  • The Newsletter, which provides news on the scheme, stories from recipients and so on.
  • A receipt twice a year for all payments. This is a good time to double check your address and other personal details and inform us if something has changed.
  • Unfortunately we cannot mail out receipts or other information as the postal service is now extremely expensive. ┬áTherefore all correspondence is via email.

Some┬árecipients write to their sponsor to thank them and inform them about progress in their studies and life. Most don’t speak or write English, so it can be difficult for them to write and it is not guaranteed that you will receive a letter from them. Having said that, many still manage to find a translator and keep in touch, which can be quite rewarding. As you might imagine the translators are in high demand.