Payment Options


The name of the account is Tibetan Sponsorship Schemes and the bank is BankSa and Account No. 147865240 BSB 105-032. Contributions are sent to India twice a year, in January and July, therefore payments need to be received before 1st June and 1st December, so that I have time to process your deposit. You may either be a month or more ahead, or debit before the due date (1st June and December). You can pay $10 a month (or any amount in $10 increments) and you can be as far ahead with payments as you like.

MOST IMPORTANT:  To help identify you on our bank statement, as the reference, could you please use your SID (Sponsor ID) followed by your surname then first name. For example:   245ARMSTRONG Carole
Your SID will be given to you when you receive the email back confirming your sponsorship. Any other information on your deposit is unnecessary and complicates the automatic process of entry into your own account.


Please make payable to Tibetan Sponsorship Schemes and send to:
Tibetan Buddhist Institute PO Box 1115 Flinders Park SA 5025 Australia


Please put the money in an envelope, with YOUR name on it, and leave at:
Tibetan Buddhist Institute 8 Ross Avenue Flinders Park SA 5025 Australia

International Money Order / International or Bank Cheque

Obtained from Post Offices or Banks in your country.  Paypal is recommended for payment from overseas sponsors. Remember to please allow extra for Australian exchange rate and Paypal charge 2.4%, so you will need to cover that as well to send the Aus$10.00 a month.  If you use paypal it is more economical for you to pay 6 monthly or more as the fee they charge will be less. .


This is a convenient way of paying however they do charge us a fee (2.4%) so we don’t get the full amount of Aus$10.00 a month which is required for sponsorship.

Sponsor an individual Aus$10 per month (via Paypal)
(include details of person you wish to sponsor and your SID)

One off Donations – any amount

Emergency Medical Fund – any amount

All contributions can as far ahead as you like… we have some sponsors who are years ahead! Paid ahead sponsors contributions are held in an interest bearing deposit account and the interest earned helps to run the scheme so that recipients receive the entire Aus$10.00 a month.   Whichever payment method you choose, please remember to ONLY use your YOUR NAME AND SPONSOR ID (not your sponsees name or anything else at all). We need your name and sponsor number in order to identify each payment ie    245ARMSTRONG Carole

 Sponsoring in Perpetuity

Simply pay Aus$3,000.00 into our Perpetuity fund now, and the interest earned will be used for your contribution in perpetuity. This means that you will never need to make payments. If you don’t have Aus$3,000.00 right now, then you can send any extra along whenever you have spare money, into the scheme, and it is held until you reach the target of Aus$3,000.00.