Payment Options

Sponsorship Donation Payment methods below (direct debit, cheque, or PayPal)
(Instructions on how to sponsor click here)

Sponsorship Donation Amounts: (in Australian dollars $10AUD = $7.92USD = 6.78EUR)
Individual monk, Nun, School, Lay Tibetan: $10 per month, $60 per 6 monthly distribution, $120 per year, or $3000 perpetual
Lharam Geshe Scholarship fund: $30 per month, $180 per 6 monthly distribution, $360 per year, or $10000  perpetual

Funds Distribution
Funds are administered by the Tibetan Buddhist Institute Trust. Donations are sent to India and Tibet twice a year in January and July. Payments should to be received before 1st June and 1st December to make the distribution.  Donations are in Australian Dollars ($AUD). Distributions are in local currency. The recipient (sponsee) receives the entire amount. Nothing is kept back for expenses.

Pay it forward
Donations can be paid ahead. Paid ahead donations are held safely in an interest bearing deposit account and the interest helps to run the scheme (i.e. to cover schemes bank fees).

Sponsoring in Perpetuity (Perpetuity fund)
Deposit AUD$3,000 for individuals or AUD$10,000 for a Geshe Scholarship into the Perpetuity fund. The interest earned will be used for your ongoing donation. This means that you will never need to make further payments. If you don’t have the full amount now, you can deposit part funds into the Perpetuity fund whenever you have spare money. Your deposits are held until the target is reached.

Sponsor ID (SID) :  In emails or direct debits it is important to identify your donation. You will be allocated a SID after your first donation or email when we confirm your sponsorship. Please use the SID followed by surname and first name  as the payment reference.
For example: SID=245 Surname=Armstrong then reference is: 245ARMSTRONG Carole
(Any other information on your deposit complicates the entry into your sponsor account.)

DIRECT DEBIT (no Paypal fees – best for a perpetual fund donation)

Account Name: Tibetan Sponsorship Schemes
Bank: BankSA
BSB: 105-032

Account No: 147865240
(email us to confirm your sponsorship click here)


PayPal Sponsorship options  (* incl. 2.6% + $0.30 fee)
PayPal is convenient but includes a credit card fee so to get the full amount required for sponsorship a small handling charge is added i.e. monthly $10+fee=$10.56
Sponsor a Monk/Nun = Yearly or Monthly
Sponsor a Geshe = Yearly or  Monthly
Sponsor the School = Monthly
Sponsor a Lay Tibetan = Monthly


One off Donations – any amount
Label the payment “General Donation or Emergency Medical Fund”


Cheque, Money Order or Bank Cheque
Please make payable to “Tibetan Sponsorship Schemes” and send to:
Tibetan Buddhist Institute
PO Box 1115
Flinders Park SA 5025 Australia


Cash in person 
Please put the money in an envelope, with your name and sponsor ID (SID) and leave at:
Tibetan Buddhist Institute 8 Ross Avenue Flinders Park SA 5025 Australia.

*PayPal require we give an option without the fee added so if you do not want to cover the fee then the sponsee gets less i.e.. $10-fee=$9.44 per month (fee subtracted from donation link)