Payment Options

Sponsorship Payment methods
(Instructions on how to sponsor click here)

Sponsor Monks, Nuns or Lay Tibetans in India and Nuns and School students in Tibet for AUD$10 per month.  Distributions are sent to India and Tibet in July and January each year.
We need to receive AUD$60 by 1st of June and December to allow time for processing. You can deposit AUD$10.00 a month, or any amount at any time as long as we have AUD$60 by 1st of June and December.
You can be as far ahead with your donations as you like.
Recipients receive the entire amount.


Account Name: Tibetan Sponsorship Schemes
Bank: BankSA
BSB: 105-032

Account No: 147865240

(email us to confirm your sponsorship click here) 


PayPal Sponsorship options  
(Paypal charge a fee of 2.6%. Could you please add this to your payment)
Sponsor a Monk/Nun/Student/Lay Tibetan = Yearly,  Six Monthly or Monthly
Sponsor a Geshe = Yearly Six Monthly  or  Monthly


One off Donations – any amount
Label the payment General Donation or Emergency Medical Fund


Cheque, Money Order or Bank Cheque
Please make payable to:
Tibetan Sponsorship Scheme
PO Box 1115
Flinders Park SA 5025 Australia