Gyalten School Sponsorship


To Sponsor:

  1.  Select a recipient/s, copy and paste the name and pin, click on the following email address , add your name, postal address and any contact phone numbers you have, and send.
  2. Choose what month you would like to start i.e. distributions are sent at the end of June and December each year. You can start in any month, however if you would like your sponsee to receive the full distribution for either January to June or July to August, you would need to let me know that you want to start in January or July.
  3. Click on Payment Options (top of page) and choose your preferred method.
    You will receive an email and photo of the person(s) you have chosen within a few days confirming your sponsorship.

Your child doesn’t receive your contribution directly. It is sent to the Headmaster, Gyalten Rinpoche, and together with the Administration staff, used for food, basic medicines and educational needs for all the students.
So in reality, you are helping to sponsor 280 children at Gyalten school.


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