The scheme supports monks, nuns and lay Tibetans living in India, students at Gyalten Charity School and nuns at Nyagye or Hadu Nunnery in Tibet.

To Sponsor on our scheme, click Sponsor on the top tab:

  1.  click on what category/ies you would like to sponsor ie monk, nun, lay, Gyalten School student.
  2.  Select a recipient/s, copy and paste the name and pin into an email, add your name postal address and any contact phone numbers.
  3. Choose what month you would like to start i.e. distributions are sent at the end of June and December each year. You can start in any month, however if you would like your sponsee to get the full distribution, you might like to start from the end of the last distribution (i.e. if it currently say, March, you might like to start from the previous January, or if it is say August, you might like to start from July).
  4. Send email to office@tibetansponsorship.org .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        You will receive an email and photo of the person(s) you have chosen within a few days.