Nyagye Nunnery


Nyagye Nunnery was established in 1458 by Hor Choegye Ngawang Phuntsok who was a great master of the day. It is in Eastern Tibet, near Dhargye Gompa, which is Khensur Rinpoches first Monastery. The nunnery continued until 1952 and then due to the invasion by communist Chinese and the cultural revolution it was destroyed for 36 years. In 1984 it was again rebuilt and re established and a nun called Sechoe and her family ran it until 2000. Then Nyagye Rinpoche (Nyagye Losang Palden) took over, and continued to further develop it. Presently there are 68 nuns, and everything is supplied by their families. The nunnery cannot provide anything for them.

During a recent visit, Nyagye Rinpoche requested Khensur Rinpoche’s attendant, Nawang Thupten (Tenzin) for urgent help.

The nuns daily routine is:

9.00 – 11.00am
Refuge, Guru Puja, Jorchoe Practice, Green Tara, Long Life Prayers,
Various other prayers

Lunch (which they have to provide for themselves).

3.00 – 6.00pm

Puja, Long Version of Medicine Buddha, Short Version of Medicine Buddha Puja, Various Long Life Prayers, Namgyal Zung, Dugshu Sesum (White Umbrella, Heart Sutra and the Snow Lion Face Prayer), Various Protector Prayers Every alternate 10th and 25th Vajrayogini Self Initiation Practice and Yamantaka Self Initiation Practice

There are 2 Disciplinary and 2 Assistant Disciplinary nuns.
Every year they have to attend Dhargye Monastery and participate in Mani Bumdrug (6,000,000 Compassion Mantra) and stay for 7 days.

As the scheme is run by volunteers, 100% of the money (i.e.AUS$10.00 per month) reaches the nuns.  No money is held back for any reason.

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