With the increase of the number of classes and teachers, the salary of fourteen teachers as of this year amounted to 63600.00 yuan (US$7,852).2. Yearly office expense is 2500.00 yuan (US$309).

Students’ textbooks, pencils, exercise books total expense is 12500.00 yuan (US$1543).
Students’ tea, salt and fuel: yearly expense is 2500.00 yuan (US$309).

Seven additional classrooms with a total area of 600 kong need to be built, the fund needed being 540 thousand yuan (US$66,000).

The interior decoration and furniture and equipment will need 300 thousand yuan (US$37,000).

To install lights and the purchase of transformers will need a fund of 60 thousand yuan (US$54,000).

A system for delivering portable water needs a fund of 40 thousand yuan (US$4,940).

A previous loan of 200 thousand yuan (US$24,600) to build the present classrooms and walls, and to build teachers’ hostels, has not been repaid yet.

The total amount of fund mentioned above is 1,221,100 yuan (US$150,753). We would like to request assistance, large or small, from anyone willing to help. All the teachers and staff and students of the school will take Gyalten Rinpoche’s unselfish giving as a role model, to work harder to develop the education system for the ethnic group to fulfill Gyalten Rinpoche’s lofty goals.